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A Log File Won't Cut It

Your new .NET app is ready to go, but is your logging and diagnostics ready too? Not if you're still logging to flat-files. How do you share them? Can you spot trends? Will you get notified about serious issues?

Whether you're logging with NLog, Log4Net or you've rolled your own logging, you will benefit greatly from logging to the cloud. Keep reading to understand the benfits.

A Cloud-Based Solution

Using Loggr’s fluent-style logging library you can easily send your events to Loggr and immediately take advantage of cloud-based event logging.

  • Centralized, zero-work log management
  • Fluent .NET logging library available on Nuget
  • Pre-built analysis tools
  • Advanced segmentation by users, tags, source and more
  • Detailed .NET exception tracking
  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Mobile access from smart phones and tablets
  • Sharing and bookmarking


Loggr is trusted in applications for small companies and big brands:

Loggr is trusted by DoubleTake Deals, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Giant Foods, illumina and many more

Mobile Access

Now access your .NET logs from any mobile device. Loggr has a native iPhone app and HTML 5 apps for tablets and smartphones.

You can't beat the cloud for logging.

Loggr works great on the iPhone and iPad

Are You Ready?

Start with our Forever Free Plan. Track up to 50 users and log 3,000 events per month. No expiring trials. No contracts. No credit card required.